Is a Gambling a Sin? – How to View it Differently

Many traditional Christians believe that gambling is a Sin. They will say so and have reasons for doing so. This is mainly because the Bible specifically states that gambling is wrong (Leviticus 15:3). But are they right in considering the biblical scripture to be completely against 토토사이트 gambling? Lets look at both sides of this issue.

What many people will claim is the fact that the Bible specifically states that gambling is against the law, and therefore it can not be against the law according to the Holy Word. What many people fail to realize, or do not believe, is that the Bible doesn’t outright say that gambling is wrong, or that it is morally wrong. I think many would agree that the Bible does state that there are certain things one should not do, such as eating idols, lying, stealing, and coveting (Exodus 20:4-5). Now then, you might say, “so what”? Well, you are saying that the law is bad, because according to the Bible, if you are to partake in the game of chance, then you are committing a sin.

Now, if you consider that the Bible doesn’t outright tell us that gambling is a Sin, then it must be a mistake. And if that were the case, how could man sin? Man certainly has been known to gamble, and some of the richest people on the globe do so. I do not mean rich today, but rich in the past. Personally, I do not think that God is pleased with the poor, or those that live by doing what the rich do.

Therefore, is it a sin to gamble? If you are looking at the problem from a different perspective, you will see that gambling is merely a form of playing, and perhaps there is nothing wrong with that. For instance, when you play at a video game tournament, and you ante up ten times your initial investment, that is considered gambling. The same applies to slot machines and roulette wheel. However, when you do it on a regular basis, and it causes you to lose more than you initially started out with, then it becomes a problem.

Now then, as you know the answer to the question, “Is a gambling a sin?” you might want to hear about some other forms of sin that are worse than gambling. Some of these include murder, for those that do not understand, when you play at a land-based casino you can kill another player, depending on the laws of the land. You can also rape, murder, and even child molestation, which is a bigger problem than gambling ever was in the past.

So, if you are asking, “Is a gambling a sin?” then you might want to re-consider whether or not you truly have a problem with gambling. Perhaps it is an addiction, like alcoholism or other vices. Then again, maybe it is a simpler question. Is a gambling a sin? And if it is, then by all means, put the sin into perspective, and stop yourself from ever playing on an online website again, or at least get rid of the games you are most passionate about.

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